Copyright and Licensing Policy
Copyright: As the author of your manuscript, you are responsible for obtaining permissions to use material owned by others. Since the permission-seeking process can be time-consuming, it is wise to request permission as soon as possible. A template permission letter is available upon request by contacting the Editorial Office. Please send us, via email or fax, copies of letters or forms granting you permission for the use of copyrighted material so that we can see that any special requirements with regard to wording and placement of credits are fulfilled. Please keep the originals for your files.

Licensing: Journal of Advanced Clinical & Research Insights is an open access journal which aims to foster data sharing and re-use in order to accelerate scientific discovery. In light of this, it is the assumption of JCRI that scholars who publish their research data in the journal, wish their work to be available as freely and as widely as possible through the open access publishing channel. The publisher therefore uses a number of depositing, indexing, and archiving services. Journal of Advanced Clinical & Research Insights allows readers to read, download, copy, print, search, or link to the full texts of its articles.